More than 500 million Individuals across Africa alone have access to a mobile phone device with internet connectivity. M-vendr harnesses this growing mobile penetration and a huge informal sector within emerging markets to enable businesses to distribute financial services and VAS at the point of sale without investing in expensive hardware POS terminal equipment. Our mPOS is a fully whitelabel, native application available for Android that runs on any compatible mobile phone, tablet or smart device and is the primary user interface for agents and merchants to transact.

It's design is intentionally clean and minimalistic to enable focussed interaction with the user without unwanted distractions. Built to capitalise on touchscreen gestures to help users navigate quickly, with minimal thought involved, and to easily memorize the locations of frequently accessed functions with muscle memory, the mPOS is very intuitive and requires very little to no user training. By implementing performance enhancing best practice, caching and ensuring essential data is stored on the local device, the mPOS requires very little data and is perfect for locations where data connectivity is poor.


Our mPOS application comes with many more features out-of-the-box ensuring that your point of sale solution has everything you need to get started.

  • Secure Passcode Access.
  • Optimised to use very little mobile data.
  • Push messages and notifications.
  • Real-time Reporting tools.
  • Built-in referral program.
  • E-Signature, Biometrics & ID Capture.
  • User Subscription Management.
  • Paperless receipting via SMS or IM
  • Built-in support tools e.g: live chat, Knowledgebase
  • Customer relationship management.


The M-vendr mPOS is provided as a 100% private label solution, meaning all the branding within the app and details will be your company's. You will also have your own page in the Play Store , showcasing your mPOS appication and user reviews