The payments landscape across emerging markets has evolved over the years due to the increase in mobile phone usage and advancements in QR and other alternative payment methods. However the acceptance of cards and other alternative payment methods at informal traders and small retailer point of sales remains relatively low due to high cost of POS equipment and complex merchant onboarding processes. As a result banks and payment service providers (PSP's) continue to lose out as cash and mobile money still remain the primary means to pay for most customers.

The M-vendr mPOS lets merchants of all sizes easily accept payments in cash, via EMV chip based transactions, smart cards, debit and credit cards, QR Codes, and USSD from within one single mPOS application with one merchant services account provided by their bank or PSP. With built in QR code scanners and support for various card readers and additional hardware components, our turnkey payment acceptance modules enables simplify merchant onboarding, payment processing and provide for a seamless merchant management and settlement process.


With an in-built Merchant e-application, KYC and approval solution, our mPOS solutions enables the rapid on-boarding of several remote Merchants without the traditional delays caused by paper-based onboarding processes.


M-vendr's admin dashboard provides complete mPOS Estate Manager capabilities and a wide range of features, from core functionalities such as service provisioning, to advanced features such as geo-location monitoring.


The M-vendr mPOS in-built wallet feature enable the seamless settlement of Merchants, both banked and unbanked. Depending on the payments risk factors, Merchant settlements can be configured to be in realtime or delayed.


Unlike hardware POS terminals, our mPOS allows for the acceptance of a range of payment methods, from debit & credit cards like ( Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay) to QR code based wallets like ( AliPay, Zapper, Snap N Pay).


Our mPOS solution enables banks to target new merchants segments who could not accept cards due to the cost of hardware POS or difficulties they previously faced in securing a merchant account from the Bank or PSP.


Where required, our proprietary 3rd Party API Connector enables quicker, seamless intergration to any exsisting terminal application management software e.g ( Postillion TermApp) and fully complies with industry protocols.


Our solution comes, ready to deploy with the following customisable Payment Acceptance modules.

Card Payments


As technology continues to evolve, so does the way customers prefer to pay with more and more customers replacing cash with cards in wallets. Unfortunately an imbalance exsist in most emerging markets, between the number of cards issued, versus the number of merchants who accept cards as a means of payment. This is largely due to the fact most merchants in these markets are not able to afford the cost of the hardware terminals currently in use or the merchant does not have access to a dedicated power source or work space.The M-vendr mPOS and Bluetooth card ready is the alternative - enabling financial institutions to deploy card acceptance capabilities to 1,000's of previously underserved merchants at a fraction of the cost and time.


  • Merchant Fees & Settlement Management..
  • Supports MSR Only, MSR + PIN, Chip & PIN.
  • EMV Level 1 & 2, PCI PTS, SRED Certified.
  • Real-time Trx Management (Refunds, Reports).
  • Multiple Card Readers Supported.
  • Supports Multiple Currency
Mobile Banking Payment


With the growing competition from mobile money and increase mobile penetration, financial institutions are looking for better ways for their customers to interact with their bank account or make payments. Snap N Pay, M-vendr’s proprietary cashless payment solution leverage's the best in QR Code and mobile technology to enabled merchants and informal traders to conveniently accept payments via the mPOS from customers who prefer to pay using their banks mobile banking application embedded with the Snap N Pay SDK for Android and iOS.


  • Secure QR Code Scanner.
  • USSD & PayCode compatible.
  • Biometric, OTP or PIN Authentication.
  • Merchant Fees & Settlement Management.
  • Real-time Trx Management (Refunds, Reports).
  • Encryption & Secure Data Transmission
Mobile Wallet Payments


Many customers across Africa and other emerging markets have adopted alternative mobile based payment methods and some now prefer to transact using wallets like Zapper, MasterPass and AliPay. However many small retailers do not have the tools to accepts these ever growing alternative payment methods. Our mobile wallet payments module enables banks and other financial institutions to offer merchants of any size the ability to easily accept mobile wallet and QR code payments from within from their M-vendr powered mPOS.


  • Secure QR Code Scanner.
  • USSD & PayCode compatible.
  • Real-time Trx Management (Refunds, Reports).
  • Merchant Fees & Settlement Management..
  • Supports AliPay, Wala, MasterPass & Zapper.
  • Encryption & Secure Data Transmission


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