The M-vendr core is our proprietary cloud based transaction switch and back-end solution that enables secure interaction between the mPOS, In-house or 3rd party API services providing core banking, SIM activation, KYC data collection, VAS or interbank switching. The core's modern, open-platform architecture enables you to deliver on a scalable, reliable platform while lowering CAPEX and the overall cost of ownership. Hosted in secure Tier 4 data centers, it is a powerfull enterprise solution designed to run in a multi-node, active-active environment to facilitate business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

It provides all of the mission-critical functionality needed to manage your businesses entire agency banking, payments and VAS distribution via the mPOS. The core incudes a secure web based dashboard with everything needed to easily manage your agents or merchant activities, geo-location and monitor their performance. With multi role admin access, tasks and user rights, tasks can be simply allocated to different departments and administrators within your organisation.


M-vendr has partners with leading infrastructure providers (Rackspace and Microsoft Azure) to deliver a fully managed infrastructure housed in Tier 4 data centres for the highest levels of performance and uptime.


M-vendr provides active threat detection plus rapid remediation. We constantly monitor, detect and respond immediately to threats and cyber attacks therefore effectively minimizing business impact.


Easily access standard transactional data, real-time reports, charts on all aspects of your agency banking channel helping you drive better, faster decision making by analysing your data for deeper insights.


M-vendr provides capabilities that support availability and a variety of disaster recovery scenarios ensuring your mPOS application and service delivery continues to operate at an acceptable user and systemic response level.


The 3rd party API connector establishes the foundation enabling seamless and secure interaction between the M-vendr core, core banking software and multiple third-party API’s from VAS service providers.


To compete in the rapidly changing fintech landscape, the M-vendr core's architecture enables new functions to be delivered in a shorter timeframe and at a reduced cost, compared to traditional legacy solutions.

Our Platform


A multi-channel, secure & compliant access point to multiple prepaid products, payment and financial services..


The M-vendr core comes with many more features out-of-the-box ensuring that your point of sale solution is optimised for performance, security and reliability.

  • Supports industry-standard messaging specifications.
  • EMV, PCI-DSS Compliant.
  • Off-the-shelf card and wallet scheme support.
  • Supports over 50,000 concurrent transactions.
  • Flexible service oriented architecture .
  • 24 x 7, 99.9999% resilience.
  • Transparent and re-configurable business logic.
  • Mult-currency, multi-language and multi-channel support
  • High performance and high availability
  • Supports modular, flexible implementation.



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